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Web development team

We are a company. We are not only the company, we are a good team of web developers. If describe us briefly, there are two best words to describe – taste and analysis. We love to create products and we treat any work as a mean of self-fulfilment. We got hung up about the idea of creating handy and flavorful products.

Our Philosophy is to develop sophisticated and analysis based product

We have been working for 4 years as a team contributing our background of experience, our vision of beauty and aesthetics into web products. Our skills help us to solve clients’ problems on the hight level by means of web technologies. Order our expertise to realize your own projects.

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For more then 4 years we have been building web solutions: website, portals, web applications and web services.

We completed for about 40 project in diffrent areas such as: medicine, taxo-business, IT outsourcing, tourist business, development and construction, logistics, government, furniture production and other. We whant to know more and do more so we will not stop to studying new areas.

We are a team of 6 people

Project manager / Analyst

Have good communication and leader skills. More than 4 years works as a team leader. As an analyst and UX master knows methods of conceptual designing of web applications and complex portals. Has a diploma in field of internet marketing. Do analysis, data structuring, prototyping and propose strategic descisions in internet marketing.

Senior Developer / Team Leader

Has deep knowledge of open web technologies such as HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP and SQL. More than 11 years in web development. Has usability skill and good sense of taste.

Front-end Developer

4 years of front-end and back-end web development behind his back. Excelent knowledge of open source web technologies as Ajax, PHP, MySqL, DOO PHP framework. Works with indexed search server Sphinx.

Web designer

Great cocktail of design skill and creative mind do the great work for us. Can re-arrange chaos and build clear design. For more than 6 years have been dealing with Photoshop and Illustrator. For about a year he has been learning motion graphics and animation.


More than 3 years writing content. Work as a copywriter and build content strategy for web projects.

SEO expert

Good knowledge of search engines. Has more than 2 years of Search Engine Optimization practice and working with web solutions in order to optimize it for web.


We will serve perfectly if:

  • You need a high quality result of work;
  • The full range of development of UI for web products is important for you (from prototype to web pages);
  • You need an expertise in development of UX for web and mobile products;
  • An expertise in web applications development is important - Html5, Html, CSS3, CSS, JS, AJAX;
  • You need and expertise in server code - php, mysql;
  • Your projects from 200 to 3000 man hours;
  • You haven’t got last-minute terms!
Right team is the best team 

Some of our projects

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Our customers say

  • Thanks guys for being careful to details. - general manager of medical Сenter ‘’Sedmoye Nebo”

Author: Nickolay Nickolaevich