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Interface Development

How much time do you need to find a certain information in an app ? A minute, three, five ? How often do you find yourself in the labyrinth of the Minotaur? And if you wouldn’t be eaten, it will be difficult to сome off victorious. We are not Theseus, but we are capable to cope with this problem!

The interface should be created as simple as it possible, but not simplier

Usually, the development of handy user interface is a half the battle. It doesn’t matter what you have: a website, an app, a game or a web service. A main task is to simplify the interaction of user with product. Jazz Pixels will create a handy and attractive interface for you. The only thing you need is to order the development, we will do all the rest.

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Interface for control panel

Interface for control panel 

How do we develop interfaces?

Information gathering and analysis.

One of the main variables of success for the future development is analytics. Here we must use creativity and experience, pedantry and the ability to work with data of different quality and character. The aim is to collect and analyze data about users, ways of interaction with the product and to find out the main tasks and application options.

Improvement of the ways of interaction with the interface.

Receiving analytical data we improve the process of user-product interaction in the direction of maximum simplification. So, we cut all unnecessary manipulation and offer a more convenient approach to interact with the product.

The development of interface prototype.

The ultimate solution for checking the results of analysis is a prototype of interface. This is an ideal way to use and to assess the usability of the new interface. Moreover, this kind of ‘test drive’ allows to make adjustments on early stage if they are necessary.

Taxi dispatch panel

Taxi dispatch panel 

Interface design development

Design is an ideal instrument which makes the interface to be pleasant for use. Color, font and animation are able to pick out the significant elements of the interface and to turn routine operations in a pleasant pastime. Our experience and tastefulness will help to create a contemporary and flavor design for you.

Front end development and interface testing

We are making progress, follow the new trends and use the best practices of Front end development. Attentiveness and pedantry are in our blood. Our goal at this stage

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Author: Nickolay Nickolaevich

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