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Web App Development

Web Apps are now on the peak. First of all, it is explained by the principles of Apps’ functions. Here we can mention: the cross-platforming function and advantage of the Internet as a means of access to information from anywhere in the world, low cost of infrastructure expansion and myriads of internet users who are ready to consume webapps’ services enriching its creators. Output: webapp is a great tool for solving a great range of business problems.

You need to develop a webapp ?
You’ve found the right team!

The words “Develop a web app” usually are a desire to implement the idea, elegantly solve the problem, create a successful software product.

To understand your goal and realize it gracefully – is important for Jazz Pixels. In combination with our approach when developing interface or website we get very interesting products.

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There are some distinctive features of web app development in Jazz Pixels


We are 3 years old as a team. We have a big experience of work with web products under our belt not only within Jazz Pixels, but within the previous teams. We took part in in startups and in corporate projects, launched a range of our own projects and games including mobile devices. The completed projects were directly from taxi business. We completed apps comfirmed to EDI standarts, coupon websites, delivery services, Content Management Systems, event calendars, portals and etc. Our experience will considerably intensify the final product.

Web app for managing website content

What webapps are appropriate for us?

We are a small team of 6 people. Small apps involving 3000 man/hours are appropriate for us.

Why Jazz Pixels is quiet the thing?

Our experienced team is made up of analysts who can be described as analysts with a good taste and who understand the importance of every little detail of overall mechanism.

What technologies do we use ?

Our main expertise - is html, CSS, JS, AJAX or front end part of the web app. We represent backend with a little technologies – PHP, MYSQL. This set allows us to create Cross Platform webapps,which work well both on mobile devices and on PCs.

Cross-platform web app for break dance events

What else is important?

Do not think that at the end of creating webapps all the work will be finished. Often, it just starts. We love our projects and we will be happy to participate in their development.

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Author: Nickolay Nickolaevich

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