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Website Development

Our key target is to develop classy sites, which will effectively solve tasks.

We create great and flavorful websites

When developing websites we use a multipurpose approach, which helps to create exactly what you and your clients want. Just place an order. All the rest we will do ourselves.

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The Approach of Jazz Pixels

Goals and Plans

We start with defining of purpose and objective of website. Discuss key points of the forthcoming development.

Outcome: conceptual work plan with its preliminary evaluation.


Our projects are based on the analytics received after collecting and organizing data on both the project itself and on its target audience.

Analysis is a solid foundation of
future website

Outcome: the portrait of target audience, interaction schemes with the website, a list of requirements for pages. All that will help to achieve a desired result in an optimal way.

Prototype development

It is important to try to use the website at early stages. Our prototypes provide a visual representation of the website structure and the principles of presenting information on all the significant pages. It is like a test-drive.

Conceptual content development

We call a pikestaff a pikestaff, set a text style, define a format of information blocks. Accessibly, succinct, informative.

Website design stage

We follow the global trends and we have a sense of taste that allows us to develop an interesting design that will fit your image.

We do not use templates

Website coding stage

The basis of our work is a careful approach to coding process and programming experience.

Outcome: The website without screw-ups and content managing system that will easily help interact with the website information.

Quality lies in the smallest details


We are testing a new product in all the modern browsers in order to make every visitor of your website see it the way it was intended.

Final stage

Finally we fill in the main pages of the website with the information and transfer the finished website to your hosting.

This kind of approach is the best possible for creating qualitative, elaborate and interesting websites

Author: Nickolay Nickolaevich

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